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This will have my wanted list.
If you have any of the items in this list please feel free to email me with details. Some items I want REAL BAD and will pay money for them, others I will help you make space in your garage or storeroom and offer you consolation cash, (I can't tell you which are which as that would cost me my bargaining power).
However rest assured that any Items that I receive from you will be going to a good home. They will be well looked after, investigated, repaired, loved and perhaps one day passed onto another good home. I have issues with tools (antique machines, apparatus or gadgets) that are still working after decades being thrown away or melted down for scrap metal. By contrast these days we have high tech equipment of reputable brand that barely makes it through a 12 month guarantee interval.

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WANTED - Electrical Instalation Tester

WANTED - Electrical Instalation Tester

WANTED - Electrical Instalation Tester I want to get one of those new modern fangled electrical testers that will do all the required compliance...

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