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This ia my place to list some of the items I have in my personal museum.
They are not for sale as such but I am smart enough to realise that I can't take it with me. So if there is an item that would complete your collection that you have been searching for for years then send email with a offer that cannot be refused. I mean if someone offers me adequate money to buy a new laptop for my rare vintage fixed head workstation hard drive I might be tempted to consider it.
Some of the items I have a semtimental attachment to and am not selling. I am listing them here with information and images as I go purely for general education.

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Memory Collection

Memory Collection

A colection of various memory technologies. Bubble memory magnetic tape Acoustic delay line store Single platter hard drive with multiple static...

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Vintage Brass Microscope

Vintage Brass Microscope

Vintage Brass and Cast Iron microscope. Single magnification. Regrettably someone has lost the pinion and small attachment bracket that is used for...

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