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Extras and surplus to requirements from Calrose Typesetters down sizeing.
Including some tools, machines, optical bits, a couple of small presses, lots of old and new monotype fonts. Galley cabinets and trays. Some incomplete Ludlow and intertype fonts.
Lengths of printing rules, some ornamented and a few full face.
Important to note is that the items listed here are not to be repeated, once sold they are gone and you are unlikely to see such bargains for sale again.

I am open to negotiation on price on some of these items, especially if you can show that they are going to be used actively for letterpress printing. I am also open to part trades for interesting things in large format and alternative photography, weaving, CNC related fields as well as all sorts of electro mechanical stuff I have not seen before. Over time I will discount to get them moving or strip down some of the machines to reduce their space so if you just want half a machine send me a note and I will see what can be done.

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