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We all treasure our personal privacy. Loss of this is uncomfortable. Here at the IP Hub we understand it well and aim to protect your privacy as carefully as we do our own.

If you choose to enter any information onto our web based service on this site we will not divulge it to any other person or organisation unless required to do so by law. We will also not abuse it ourselves and refrain from unwanted marketing activities. To achieve this end we have an Opt-In newsletter that you can subscribe to to keep informed with occasional special offers and new product announcements (to manage your newsletter options Log In and select My Account on the top menu and edit your Email Notifications). We will however make use of the contact details we have for you during the processing of any of your orders or to follow up on any fraud investigations. We still reserve the right to contact our users for administrative matters.

Please note that some of the features of this site such as postings of reviews on products and services are public and while we do not require you to publish your full contact details and we will strive to make sure they do not get published it is possible to include such details through error on your part our ours, in such cases please inform us as soon as possible and we will work together to correct any errors. It is also possible to use this web service to send Gift vouchers to others, some of your contact details will be included in such communications to preserve the privacy of your recipient.

If you have any questions of comments about this policy do not hesitate to contact us.

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