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Garrard 210 automatic turn table


This is a circa 1960 Garrard 210 turntable. This is a auto disk dropper for up to 8 disks from 7 to 12 inches in diameter at a speed of 16, 33, 45 or 78 RPM.

It is similar to the 209 version with a detacheable plug-in pickup.
This turn table is fitted into a compact wooden cabinet. It has a detacheable top that splits it in half. The cabinet is just for the turn table and has no preamp, amp or speakers. I have replaced the power cord carefully and the motor and switches are working. The tone arm and disk dropping action seems to be working ok but but only tested with manual rotation of the platter. It looks like the intermediate rubber roller (idler wheel) is not rubbery enough and the platter is not effectively turned, it makes a feeble attempts to rotate. The rubber mat on the platter looks to be in good condition but may not be a soft as what it was 50 years ago.
The fitted pickup cartridge is a Mono double sided unit but looks to be in bad condition on one side. The wires in the pickup head are tatty but the wires in the tone arm look fine. The output wires are no longer connected but the internal connection for stereo is available if you replace the cartridge and wires in the head.
There is a scan of the service bulletins for the 209/210 units on the web at the Radio Workshop that has good info.

UPDATE: I gently sanded the glaze off the idler wheel and the turn table seems to opperate correctly and do the disk dropping and needle positioning on 78 and 45, sometimes on 33 and erratically on 16 RPM, I am going to the market to see if I can get a new double sided cartridge for it, I have a few records I would like to play for the kids before I pass them on as well. I have not tried to check the disk speed yet but it is likely to be correct unless there is still al lot of slip. It has the silver plated drive pulley so made for 50 Hz operation. (brass one is for 60 Hz)

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