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Vintage Geha plate burner


GEHA Electronics plate burner. br>
This is a vintage drum type analogue plate burner of some sort. From the middle 1970's and using valve electronics. The unit is in decent condition with lots of dust and might even wake up if I replace the plug. The recording 'pen' is missing and I have not fully established what type of recording it was using. Some of these early units may have used chemically sensitised paper for proofing of a aluminized or wax coated paper. The plates that would have been made were thin and flexible and may have been a Roneo type duplicator plate. The scanning head on this uses a retro reflective light source, the bulb is broken and a photo cell or photon multiplier. The scanning and recording heads are coupled together and the two drums are on a common axle. It would take about 6 minutes to burn a page and it would support a measure of grey tones so could be and was used for photographs.
In the picture you can see the exposed recording drum (so it did not use photo sensitive paper) and the 'rewind' lever in front that was used to manually pull the head carriage back to the start. The scanning drum is under the cover on the left side.

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