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Gameboy cartridge connectors


This is a lot of NEW unused connectors (ex Taiwan) that can be used to make ROM readers to archive your GameBoy games or to play them on a game emulator or for making RAM/FLASH writers for loading your own games or applications onto custom RAM/FLASH cartridges.
This connector fits the one sided edge contacts on the cartridge circuit board that is backed by part of the cartridge case. It is possible that these are pirate connectors but I cannot tell them apart from the Nintendo ones, they have exactly the same holes and lugs and fit into a GameBoy just fine.
The hole spacing is interesting and I may make an Eagle schematic and PCB part library items for them one day but not right now.
The Biggest problem with the GameBoy from a development point was the limited keyboard and IO capabilities but people have done all sorts of clever things with them in the past.
I had a simple BASIC interpreter loaded once before I moved onto other things. Elector Magazine published a Digital Scope design and there have been other interesting things. I though of making an OBDII reader that would have been smart enough to scroll through the data and perhaps reset a service light flag or similar.
Please confirm availability and shipping costs before making payment. Trades will be considered. If you purchase all of the connectors I will supply them at a R10 each, Not sure how many there are, somewhere between 28 and 98, have not looked in the box for a long time but will confirm if there is interest. You can see the types of cartridge that will fit in the link.

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