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Valve RF Amplifier


EX Military Aircraft Radio RF Amplifier Module.
This was removed from a scrap radio assembly, I just removed the most interesting module, it has a couple of corner dents as the radio assembly had been misshandled.
Uses 2 x 8621/4CX250FG Ceramic Output tubes. The valve cooling air intake grilles are just visible on the bottom right of the picture.
Included is a motorised band selector switch. One of the switch wafers is a bit cracked, it is the position feedback wafer, the other two wafers selects a combination of HV HF capacitors, one of the RF wafers is visible in picture as a ring of contacts with wiper fingers.
The module does not have any powersupply section, it will need the usual bias, filament and HV supplies. It is not a plug-and-play setup but instead a comprehensive set of components to fast track the building of a home brew amplifier.
There is also a beautiful motorised variable inductor that is visible with the Backelite spacers. Made with 19 turns of 2.5mm diameter silverplated wire about 38 mm diameter and 70 mm total length (measured on wire centers - I calculate it at 30 uH for the full inductor, please do check).
There is also a power or SWR monitoring circuit with a LF bypass hairpin strap.
All very tightly assembled into a very compact casing 183 x 159 x 120 mm (about 7x6x4 inches) in size
It also has a pair of 50 Ohm (10W x 2 perhaps) carbon film resistors and a RF relay, perhaps for use as a low power dummy load for tuning purposes.
Various test points for Grid voltages and HIGH VOLTAGE and cooling air warnings.
Components Dated 1979 and 1980.
Ideal for a Radio amateur building a 500W linear amplifier.
73's from ZR6KMP

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