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Mikron IR Non contact thermometer


An old style Pistol grip IR Non Contact thermometer.
Has a large parabolic reflector to capture the radiation onto a small focal point mounted pyrometer element (type unknown) The unit has a large swing (270 deg) analogue scale readout and two ranges (0-200 degC and 0-600 degC). The unit has an analogue plotter output socket. It makes use of two Sub-A size or similar exotic batteries that I have not been able to locate to test it as yet. The trigger switch activates the dark field calibration when partially depressed and then swings a shield away from the pytometer to take a reading that will be displayed on the meter scale. A lovely piece of vintage Hi-Tech. Condition fair, has a carry case. Optical port is covered with what looks like a mylar film that looks replaceable but is in servisable condition.

  • Model: IRTEMP
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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 08 November, 2007.

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