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Wheatstone bridge - Vintage


W.G.P. Wheatstone bridge on Bakerlite face plate. Restoration project. Condition not that nice to look at but complete with minimal tampering.
Includes features for testing resistance between two terminals and possibly for fusing a bead onto the end of a twisted thermocouple pair or other wire joint. The switch positions are labelled 'FUSION', 'WHEATSTONE BRIDGE' and 'CONTINUITY OR PRICKER' The resistance range is to 210 Ohms in one Ohm steps with no range multipliers or dividers, a rather specific purpose unit, perhaps even for preparing lamp or detonator filaments. The test is carried out by pressing the ergonimically shaped white button.
Seems to have a pair of quick releas terminals and a small spindle to hold a small bobbin of wire and another spindle perhaps for an idler pulley (heh heh, just guessing here). Battery connections are internal or possibly for an adjacent compartment or side wall of case, connections wires to be a bit more recent with perished rubber insulation.
Case is completely absent but presumably a simple wooden box. The galvanometer is a plug in type that could be removed from the fron by just removing the bezel screws and pulling the meter out.
Galvanometer I think was working. Resistors are manually wire wound with silk covered wire. Switch contacts are positive action wiping contacts made of brass or similar.
Sold to an enthusiast who wants to complete an esoteric mad scientist test bench for that 1900's period movie.
I will check if the wheatstone bridge function is working if this will help to make the sale. Can take photo of rear showing wirewound resistors if this is of interest.

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