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Invacare 5 SensO2 Oxygen Concentrator


A good condition low use home care medical Oxygen Concentrator.

Price reduced due to slow sales :-)

Model: IRC5LX02AW
Serial: 998308773
This unit is used with under 5000 hours on the elapsed time indicator. It is functioning well and generates oxygen to the full specification of the built in Oxygen sensor and the full volume of 5 litres per minute.
It is included with a spare set of new filters that can be fitted for you free of charge or you can fit them yourself, they are intended for yearly replacement. Also included are a new humidifier bottle, a new nose and mouth mask with piping and a standard earthed power cord.
It is ready to go and can be collected from Benoni or Johannesburg by arrangement.
This is the model before the current Platinum range marketed by Invacare selling for around R16000 but has the older style outer casing and no rear port for simultaneously connecting the HomeFill bottle compressor unit.
These units are often used to provide respiratory relief to people with reduced lung function, asthma and those recovering from certain types of illness or surgery.
This unit is not sold as medically aproved but appears to function to manufacturer specifications. If intending to use it to fill a doctors prescription I would suggest having the unit tested at a service centre (the local agents details are available) and following the regular maintenance and filter replacement regime.
You can download the PDF manual for the new look range from the Invacare website.
This is the usual pressure swing adsorption type of unit with the molecular sieve beds. In industry these units are correctly called Oxygen Concentrators as they do not actually generate oxygen like some units used in aeroplanes. They effectively remove almost all of the Nitrogen in the compressed air leaving behind an Oxygen rich fraction with up to 95% oxygen. They are used in countless fields in industry and often these used medical units find their way into the craft trades where jewellers and lamp workers use them to supply Oxygen for gas torches that are used to work precious metals and glass. The Lamp Workers who make art glass beads regularly make use of Invacare models with good results. For regular Oxygen users the ongoing costs and inconvenience of moving bottled compressed Oxygen are greatly minimised with the use of a home Oxygen concentrator.
I have another similar unit in not quite as good condition better suited to the craft people also on offer for sale at a better price.
I will consider one used glass workers or jewellers torch for my own use in part exchange for this or the other oxygen concentrator to a maximum value of R2000 depending on type, accessories and condition.

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