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HP 2000C printer for spares


A HP 2000C printer for spares.

It needs the main circuit board as the printer outputs test pages but no longer communicates with the PC onthe parallel port.
It has 4 working bongo pumps that are the usual failure mode on the HP2000C and HP2500C printers. It has print heads and cartridges but they are likely out of date. Using the Windows one directional printer driver prevents the PC from communicationg the date codes of the heads and cartridges so they do not time expire like using the HP printer driver.

It is a lovely printer for conversion to a Continuous Inking System (CIS) which makes printing as close to free as one can get these days.

Please do not scrap your HP 2x00C printer before you contact me, you or I may be able to make one out of the two.

  • Model: HP2000C
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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 22 July, 2011.

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