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TI Programmer 58 C Calculator


This is a TI Programmable 58C calculator with continuous memory and Aviation module.
This was also the first series of hand held calculators to use program modules. Included is the Aviation Module #6 and the FLIGHT PLAN WITH WIND AV-02 legend panel and a basic Key Code Overlay with numbers for each key. Please note the Master Library Module is not included.

The condition would be a 10+ except for the one corroded battery terminal. The unit has no visible scratches or signs of wear. I would be inclined to say that it was never used for more than a test. The plastic of, and around, the power switch is like new, all keys are clean and click as expected.

I will add photo, quicker if you ask for it.

The leatherette pouch is also in perfect condition, it is not padded.

Serial Number 2403265 .. 2490 ACH
Assembled in Holland

In all my time working, buying, selling and using calculators I have never seen a second hand calculator that looks so good, if someone said it was in a nitrogen purged time capsule I would have no way to contradict them. The fingerprints on the unit are probably all mine.

I have not tried to power it up yet. I am considering testing it with a current limited 3.6V supply to the battery contacts at a later date. If it should power up correctly I will increase the selling price a lot, if I blow it up or it does not work I will decrease the price, it is still valuable as a pristine casing. It uses a charger that mates with the two pins on the side, I do not have one of these and operating it on the charger without a working battery, properly connected is not recommended. There are no manuals, boxes or other accessories included. A user manual and service manual are available for download at the links below.

This is sold as a showroom collectable. The only damage I can see is the one battery contact has corroded almost completely away but the PCB shows incredibly little damage. The battery pack BP-1A will no doubt have dead cells as the calculator is likely 30+ years old. There is a South African distributor (IMT)sticker on the head end of the unit. The red warning label on the bottom covering the memory module cover looks old but not worn or damaged. The adhesive has migrated through the paper over the decades and the label looks a bit splotchy however it lifts safely from the bottom edge that covers the memory card cover.

I have not opened this unit and don't think I will. Careful as I am I would rather give the privilege of this task to a collector who plans to do the restoration work on the battery contact rather than me just having a curious look inside, I have seen enough pictures on the net to keep me happy.

Below some links, YMMV.

R/S Texas Instruments TI-58 page with program to calculate the Gamma function which is equal to the Factorial (!) function for positive whole numbers.

TI-58C 59 Calculator Emulator for Android devices.

Vintage Calculators Web Museum TI Programmable 58

Wikipedia TI-59 / TI-58 page

Emulator for Windows click on the English flag

DATAMATH CALCULATOR MUSEUM Texas Instruments TI-58 also has a link to an emulator

Brian Mork's TI-59 SR-56 collection

Christopher Westfall calculator page

Dave's Old Computers has a bit of details and links to a scan of the 254 page manual

Download the 65 page comprehensive Service manual

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