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Weston Universal II, pair of meters, parts or repair


For sale are two vintage Weston Universal II photographic light meters. They are sold as a pair for parts or repair.
One is a UK made black unit with the light value displayed in linear units and comes with a neck lanyard and a good condition double open snap type cover.
The screws on the back are over the label and have the tiny hex heads, my son dropped the meter and I opened it, scuffing the heads of the small screws to lift the pointer from where it was leaning on the scale causing it to stick, I don't believe I have caused any serious irreperable damage but I am not a vintage light meter specialist yet. It feels like the glass has come loose but a bit of silicone sealant or shellac should fix that if it gets opened again.
P.S. It has recently stopped reading while in storage, very strange.
The other is a USA made black Cine version with the light value in logarithmnic units and frame rates instead of shutter speeds. This cine version has a baffle in front of the sensor (behind glass) instead of the more common lenticellular lens array. There additional flip baffel is standard.
This unit comes with a neck lanyard and an original tatty cardboard box and shows a penciled price of 12'12'0 on the back so was sold at least once before South Africa moved to the Rand currency.
This unit has the thin adhesive lablel on the back over the screws which shows signs of having been lifted.
It still reads but calibration is unknown and should have a specialist check it out.
Megatron in the UK sells cells and will repair http://www.megatron.co.uk/euromaster2/index.html
http://photo.net/neighbor/view-one?neighbor_to_neighbor_id=2581 has links to the company in USA that repairs them.
Information available at http://www.johndesq.com/westonmaster who also markets new Euromaster units for EUR250 will fix units for EUR95 if not tampered with, probably more otherwise.
Neither of these units has the invercone or the neutral density (ND) filter.

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 13 May, 2009.

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