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Cyanotype by Mike Ware


Cyanotype: The history, science and art of photographic printing in Prussian blue. by Mike Ware (1999) A serious book on the history and chemistry of the Cyanotype/blue-print process, used for shadow grams, photos and engineering drawings from the dawn of photography into the early part of the 20th century. Cyanotype photographic printing is still popular in certain artistic and craft circles, the traditional formulas are hardly toxic and can be used by children. Includes detailed information on the historical formulas and modern improved formulas. Also has a how-to section, don't complain about the pictures, there are not any, just lots of accurate text. Mike Ware has done some of the most detailed research and experiments in the theory and improvements of alternative photographic processes. He has worked in conservation of Cyanotype photos and printed his own images. This is a NEW copy. Still wrapped in the publishers shrink plastic. Sadly now out of print and out of stock in most places. Get your copy while you can. Shipping extra, I will informa you of the cost after you order depending on your address and chosen method of shipping. Sells for random numbers around US$600 on Amazon.

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