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nuArc SST2024 Horizontal Process Camera


One nuArc horizontal process camera.
The camera can take pictures on film of size 20x24 inches or 500x600 mm. The copy board is the same size and has a transparency feature. The camera includes a brochure on the various models and the standard booklet describing the steps to take pictures. It is installed and has electrical hook-up so can be tested. The vacuum unit, timer, and electrical shutter are all working. The lens is a 10 3/4 inch (273mm) focal length JML Process Lens with aperture f:10 to f:64. The timer is an electromechanical timer that will repeat the same interval each time. The film holder swings to the right when at the operators console at the back of the camera and the ground glass composing/focusing screen swings open to the left. The copy board flips horizontal for loading copy and has a diffuser at the back allowing for use in copying of transparencies by swinging the light towers behind the copy board.
It operates from a single 16A plug and has an attached vacuum unit with foot switch for convenience in film loading.
I will include one 8x10 inch dark room safety light fitting with this camera though the red filter may no longer be 'safe'.
In production to 'flash' a half tone onto the negative one can use the vacuum frame to hold everything in place and have a lamp positioned to the left of the camera shining into the open vacuum back that holds the film and screen in position before or after taking the exposure if required.
The unit has the standard 6 foot (1800 mm) bed so is the compact version but this limits the copy ratios to less than the 12 foot version. With the installed lens the ratio of enlargement is 200% and reduction is 33%, the lens board and copy board are positioned by crank wheels at the operators console and the exact magnification can be set for both using the built in precision scales to set both at the correct scaling and focus.
It will need a good dusting and perhaps a couple drops of oil on the ACME threads that are used to position the lens board and copy board.

What is missing is the lights, the cabling is in place with fitted connectors and the 4 metal halide lights on two towers is all that is required to make it complete. I saw a set of suitable 800W nuArc lights for sale on eBay for US$40.00, shipping cost would make it hard to buy from across the pond but it gives you an idea of how to make a set from domestic halogen lights. (Please let me know if the listing is no longer active)

The perforated vacuum hold down film plate has come loose from one corner and while it pulls perfectly flat with the vacuum on, it would make sense to stick it down with a bit of epoxy one day if using the camera regularly, the placement makes this a bit of a fiddly job which is why I have not bothered to do it yet.
It is currently situated in Doornfontein and can be viewed by appointment. It is on the first floor and built in so it will need disassembly to get it out or major deconstruction of partition walls and a truck with a crane to get it down if you want it in one piece. I will gladly assist with careful disassembly if required.

If there is no interest in this camera as a whole then it will eventually be disassembled into components parts and make me more money, I would just like to see it go to a functioning home first if possible.
It will then become a solenoid operated Packard shutter with an exposure timer. A lovely large format lens with built in aperture, might be possible to mount it into an Ilex #4 shutter, for use as a one to one portrait camera. A jumbo set of bellows for a VLF camera project, the taper is not all that much but enough to let the bellows be self supporting. The vacuum film holder is a treat as it is perforated right across the whole surface and could be used in a contact exposure situation without requiring glass on top. The large copy board can also be used as a contact printing frame (it has a pair of lovely mechanical struts to hold it open) or a simple light table. The 2 ACME screw threads and 8 linear bearings on the ground shafts from the copy board and lens board positioning are worth the price I am asking for the whole camera. They have a travel of 500+ mm each (will measure on request).

Please contact about me shipping costs and item availability before making any payment.
Discounts can be considered if items are destined to go to a good home, tell me what use you have planned.
Discounts if you purchase more than one item of if you have something I want to trade.

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