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Hadego Typesetting machine


This is a horizontal hand set photo typesetting camera. This is a vintage bit of gear that is not common. In fact it may be the last one in the world :-) They were popular in the late 1940's and would generate high quality output without the need for computers.

It includes the camera with lens, shutter, lighting and controls. There is also one ground glass composing/focusing screen and one film holder that fit to the darkroom side of the camera.
There are also 3 wooden type cabinets with about 15 cases of type. Each case can serve a range of sizes giving a huge selection. That is over 45 type styles.
The plastic type with a black face and white filled letters is hand set into a composing stick from type cases. This is mounted to the 'copy board' position and then the magnification is set which moves the lens and copy board into position. The exposure is made and the film holder is indexed up, the type is changed and the process repeated to set all the lines required.
With this I will also add in one 8x10 inch dark room safety light holder though the red filter may no longer be 'safe'.

It should be possible to put this unit back into operation with a bit of a cleaning but I have not used it further than switching on the lights. The physical fonts are irreplaceable but not likely to be anything that exists nowhere else as the digital brigade has converted pretty much everything out there. However if they were photographed or scanned at high resolution they would allow accurate conversion as they are in perfect condition except for some dust.
The unit is on a first floor and will need some dedicated work to move but there is crane access through the wall with only a narrow pavement in between to get it out of the building. The camera is perhaps 600mm wide, 1500 mm long and 1600 mm high. The cabinets are about the same each.
Price is negotiable.

The Dutch Wikipedia has an article with some history.

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