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Monotype Composition and Super Casters + Matrixes

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This is a collection of Monotype casting machines.

NB. All the matrixes are currently on hold but the remainder of the equipment is available for R15000.00
Included are 3 (three) Super casters, one Composition Caster, with lots of moulds and matrixes.
I have uploaded 47 pictures showing most of the lot on Flickr at the link below, the compressors may be removed from the lot. Ludlow, Intertype and other unrelated parts and my tools pictures are NOT included.
Two of the Super casters are complete and one (with a Varispeed) is in use casting spacing material (2, 3, 6 & 12 pt), the other spare has not been operated since it arrived but is a beautiful low mileage unit that I earmarked for type casting and was being hooked up and planned for Varispeed conversion, the third was operating but jammed due to a foreign object jammed in the gears, it has been stripped and is nearing completion on the rebuild. It needs a few bits to be complete and the pot elements are burnt out. It is in need of skilled attention, final assembly and adjustment but no further repairs repairs.
The Composition caster is missing the complete pot frame (it was moved to the spare Super caster but can be moved back) and looks reasonably complete but I have no experience for judging if there are core components missing. It looks like a mould base, and all the stuff above are off but the rest looks like it is there. The missing bits are hopefully included in the collection of parts and moulds.
Included are a number of ingot feeders and various pistons, nozzles and stuff such as the keyboard tops and key bars as well as the various scale drums and a roll of edge punched 32 channel paper tape. Sadly there is no keyboard main stand.
There are countless mould bases and moulds (over 110 boxes, mostly with stuff in them) for various sizes of type, furniture, rules and spacing. There are also a collection of over 250 display matrix sets that's over 500 kg. These include a fair selection and come from multiple sources so there may be a couple of duplicates. There was also a loss a decade or so ago so there may be a few series with a size or two missing unfortunately. There are also over 40 composition matrix sets in the holders with the wedge bars.

There are also a number of binders with parts lists and other configuration information, some reprints, some original.

These casters come supplied with all the accessories, ancillaries, tools, mould bases, moulds and other bits and bobs that have collected from two casting shops. There are likely to be two of many things.

Included at no extra charge are also the other Monotype related items that are for sale on this site that at the moment will include 4 compressors, 1 and a half air cooling tanks, a spare Varispeed motor and cone drive units (with RPM indicator) if they have not sold previously.

Please contact about me shipping costs and item availability before making any payment.
Discounts can be considered if items are destined to go to a good home, tell me what use you have planned.
Discounts if you purchase more than one item of if you have something I want to trade.

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