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This is a decent vertical Process camera. Duplomat Repro 234

It has a 210mm Rodenstock Rodagon R 1:5.6 process lens. The lens is reasonably clean with a bit of dust and a couple of my fingerprints but no scratches. The diaphragm action is smooth and it has a little window indicating the setting. It has a motorised lens board and copy board height adjustment, the timer function may not be working right or I may not have quite figured it out. The front panel is broken on one side but while this looks a bit sad it does not affect functioning.
The size of film and copy it can take is about 14 x 20 inches but this is to be confirmed. The bellows are magnificent and in perfect condition, ideal for a large format (LF) camera if you plan to pull it apart and will stretch over 400mm for those long lenses.
It has two light bars with 4 lamp bases on each for illuminating reflective copy and also a diffuser below with a pretty messed up back lighting arrangement. It has about 100 little 3W bulbs and a number of the bulb holders have come loose so only 2 or 3 of the 6 series strings of lights are working. It would make sense to replace all the lights with a new array of white LEDS or perhaps some small diameter cold cathode fluorescent tubes if you plan to use if for transmissive copy. The lower light box is a independent module that can be detached with 4 screws so replacing it with something from another camera would be pretty easy. I seem to recall that it was wired for 110V AC so take that into account when designing any series low voltage arrangement.
The range of enlargement and reduction is not all that high but the scales are also marked a 150 mm lens which would allow for more magnification.
It has a vacuum film holder with selectable hold down area on the lift up focusing frame. The vacuum pump is working and the pipe just needs to be reconnected to the film holder top fitting. I have not personally used this camera except to play with but the lens is well worth the price.

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