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Adana P-71


Adana P71 press
This is a wonderful size press, takes a quarto chase and can print almost A4 size or bigger on one end if you have it hang out the front. There are very few motorised clamshell presses that are light enough to pick up with 2-4 strong guys and lift onto the back of a bakkie. It also requires very little space.
This press is the later version of the popular T/P-48 press that Adana launched in 1947. This was the upgrade with an enclosed steel box base (instead of pipe frame) and additional guards over the chains and a safety guard to throw the clutch out if your hand was about to be caught in the pinch point. It has a variable speed that the TP-48 did not have and was announced around 1971 would you believe.
The press is pretty complete but not in operation. It came without a platen that I have had machined but it has not been final fitted yet and is still missing the bail clips (to hold the tympan sheets) but otherwise the press is complete. It is set up to take 3 inking rollers (two pairs (4) are included with trucks) and the occilating distributor roller is still in useable condition.
The feed board is missing but this is just a wood board. There are no chases included but they are a simple design to have fabricated (diagram will be supplied).
In the distant past it has suffered an impact that cracked the aluminium frame of the ink drum (the big bit) but this does not look like it will be a problem as the sheet that covers it is still in the proper shape. One of the aluminium safety guard arms was also cracked and this I had welded along with the clutch lever (that I broke at a cast in bubble when dissasembling the press and they are now better than new)
For another R3000 I will put it into printing condition with the addition of the bail clips, fedboard and get two chases made or you can do this if you are handy and save a packet.
There is a digital version of the manual on the net. You can check out a list here. http://www.briarpress.org/14558

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