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Rich. Otto Kruger vintage press


This Rich. Otto Kruger press is a Vintage Cast Iron Press estimated to be between 40 and 100 years old. Made in Germany and solidly built. It was in use at the Pilgrims Rest Print shop in the tourist theme part for many years I am told.
It has also been identified as an Emil Kahle, Leipzig press, I am not sure any more.
The condition is reasonable with no signs of broken bits with the exception of the missing name plate (and incomplete gripper, more on this below). This would have been on the front edge of the moving platen and all that remains is one rivet. There is another very similar press (perhaps a smaller or larger unit) described on the internet that shows the style of name plate that was likely there. I might have made a simple name plate for it one day if I did a full restoration.

It has a chase that is big enough to drop an Adana 8x5 chase into (if you remove one of the side pins). It is supplied with 3 original wedge lock chases. I will supply the chases filled with strip spacing, quads and furniture respectively if I have it available at the time of sale.

The press has an impression counter which looks like an after market unit, at least the lever seems to be home made but perhaps quite normal for the period. It seems pretty well fitted.

It comes with 2 rollers with trucks (runners) in reasonable and usable condition (given their age) and there is a diagram with dimensions for roller, core and trucks should you want to make another set or two for easy colour working.

The paper gripper finger arrangement is not functional at this time. It is not a lot of work to put right and reasonably simple. I have been meaning to do this but other things get in the way. I will fabricate the missing parts and put the paper grippers into good working order for an additional R2000 or suggest to you how you can do it yourself if you want to save the money.

There is a thread on Briar Press that discusses this press.

There are a more pictures of this particular press on Flickr

I am not in any hurry to sell this press as it is a museum piece and pretty rare as printing press makes goes so the price is not negotiable. The picture was taken in poor light with a mobile phone camera so pretty poor quality. It only had one of the two ink rollers fitted at the time, the diamond shaped embellishment on the side link is visible and the stirrup style handle is on the left side. It sports an oval base that has a small eye below the stirrup that is the attachment for the paper gripper finger spring.

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