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5-Phase stepper driver modules (3)


A set of 3 commercial stepper driver boards for 5 (five) phase motors going for a song.
They are SANYO DENKI, Pentasyn PMM-BD-5701 units. Photo posted on request
They are to be seen on eBay every now and then for around US$50+ each so here you get 3 for the price of two.
The main controller is a PMM8714 5 phase stepper motor controller in a 24pin cerdip. It supports full and half step operation. It supports step/dir inputs as well as step-up/step-down control, though I do not know which mode is brought out to the interface connector.
It has two power devices with 3 half-bridge drivers in each. Only 5 of the 6 half-bridges are used. These are Toshiba MP6901 silicon darlington units with a 4A 80V rating. Five snubbing diodes are also installed.
There is a 0.47 Ohm resistor for current sensing I think with a trim-pot connected to one of the control connector pins to allow for remote adjustment. The two other small ICs are possibly part of a chopper current control circuit, they are 16 pin surface mount ICs but I cannot read the numbers under the conformal coating when hidden under the heat sink.
Until recently 5 phase motors have been considered superior to 2/3/4 phase motors in terms of smooth and acurate stepping. With more and more modern applications making use of improved microstepping controllers the benefits of 5 phase motors have decreased, the new cost of drivers and motors has not.
The benefit of these driver boards is that they will be able to drive existing 5 phase motors you may have already fitted to a legacy machine or purchase cheaply second hand in larger sizes as demand has fallen.
They are three of the same and were hooked up to NEMA34 size motors on a massive Noritsu analogue photo printing mini-lab. I did not have tools with me to remove the motors when I had the option of stripping out these boards but could not bear to leave them behind even though I have only ever seen one other 5 phase motor for sale locally.
The price is for all 3 (three) controllers. They have 5 ICs, a controller, 2 drivers and two SMD ICs. They have 0.1" connector pins (5 for motor and 12 for control and power, 8 have wires connected on this one) and a heatsink over the top of the board, corner monting holes 3mm dia 57 x 62 spacing.
They are very compact at approximately 65x70x30mm
Trades will be considered, please check for availability and delivery charges before making payment.
There is a sprue cutter machine that uses these drives that has a schematic with 3 of these hooked up. It has 4 connections for +-36V and 2 tfor +-5V and a grounded (enable) line and 2 step signals. They are not using the trim-pot connection either. They do use two step signals where the wire harness I'm looking at only has a single step sisgnal connected, I suspect this particular motor was only rotated in one direction, I will check the other two harneses, I expect they will have one more wire.

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