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Dallas Secure Microcontroller (x2)


A Dallas DS2250T 32-16 secure microcontroller module (2 off)
This secure controller executes from encrypted SRAM and has a onboard clock, it is a tiny form factor less than 22x68x6mm. Price includes both micro modules as well as the original PCB they were pulled from. They have a 40 pin SIMM connection that allows for quick release. On the module is a Dallas DS5000FP-16 processor, 32 kb of static ram, a DS1214S real time clock (RTC) with time keeping crystal and a long life lithium cell (most liely needs replacement now with a suitable solder in coin cell (15.7mm diameter and 3mm thick with tags at 12 and 3 o'clock) for flat mounting)
The part is socketed into a PCB with a SIMM socket, and a bunch of SMD parts including a 16MHz crystal, a LT1381 serial level shifter connected to the Dallas TXD and RXD pins, a transistor and resistors for resetting the device and simultaneously putting is into serial bootsrap loading mode. two 6 pin opto-isolators and a bunch of buffer and logic ic's and a 10 position DIP switch.
Also each board has a second PCB mounted to it with a bunch of other neat components all ready to roll for the effort in tracing the IO assignments. Included are two 2Amp 5-pin TO220 switching regulatos (LT1076CT Adjustable ones) with caps, inductors and Shotcky diodes. Also a TIP122 TO220 transistor, a mini 5V SPDT relay with 7x12mm footprint, and a LM18293 Quad driver wired up as a Bipolar stepper motor driver.
This second board comes for free if I have not used them yet for a project. I don't realy want to start learning to use the 8051 core on the micro even though it has a lovely serial loader for HEX files.
There are 2 of everything; micro module, socket PCB and PSU PCB. When stacked everything makes a compact 70x90x22mm volume.
Condition unknown, pulled from scrap paper currency scanners years ago but I give them a 90% chance. Date code on parts about 1995 to 1999 (coin cell should be empty by now).
Trades will be considered, please contact me before making payment to confirm shipping costs and availability.

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