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Shipping & Returns

Shipping, Handling and Returns

We strive to maintain a less than 3 working day turn around on all our small volume orders plus the time it takes to ship to you.

Small retail items are usually shipped via regular post. Used and antique items are best collected in person then you can verify the condition at the time of pick up. It will also save you a lot of packing charges if you personally pickup large, heavy or odd shaped items.

Please inspect your goods on receipt and inform us if your order is incomplete or incorrect in any way. We will work with you to rectify it. If you need to return any goods please communicate with us first so that we can be prepared for it and make sure your details are clearly indicated.

If you want to send any order as a gift you can edit the shipping address at the checkout time of your order.

If you have any suggestions for locations or want to comment on any other shipping matter please contact us.

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